What's the Move NY Fair Plan?

  1. What's the Move NY Fair Plan?

    What's the Move NY Fair Plan? The "Move NY Fair Plan" is a set of ideas for reducing congestion and funding transportation improvements, mainly by changing the current toll system.

Move NY is a coalition of business associations, trade unions, clergy, civic leaders, transportation and environmental advocates, and good-goverment organizations trying to solve the City's congestion problems. The group has been building broad-based support for a master transportation plan, the "Move NY Fair Plan." You can see which public officials, newspapers, and local organizations have endorsed the Plan here.

Legislation introduced in the NY Assembly on March 24, 2016 would implement key elements of the Plan:

  • Changing the existing toll system so that everyone entering Manhattan south of 60th Street pays the same toll--regardless of route. In the "toll swap," existing tolls on MTA's 7 bridges would be significantly reduced
  • Legal strategies for "lock-boxing" the new revenue ($1.35 billion each year, even after reducing current bridge tolls) to make sure the money is actually spent on public transit and other transportation infrastructure
  • Specific directions for spending the money to fill transit gaps, upgrade and extend existing service, reduce fares, and do needed maintenance on roads and bridges

What sets the Move NY Plan apart from past efforts is that it offers a set of inter-related ideas for reducing congestion in Manhattan and other parts of the City, while providing significant new revenue to reliably fund better transportation options in the future.

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