CeRI brings together faculty and students from Communications, Computing and Information Science, Law, and the Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution. We work with governmental and private organizations who want to sponsor online discussion that is informed, informative, candid and civil.

CeRI Researchers

Claire Cardie

Professor, Department of Computer Science and Department of Information Science

Claire Cardie is an internationally renowned expert in the area of natural language processing, her work develops algorithms and systems that improve a user’s ability to find, absorb, and extract information from on-line text.

Dan Cosley

Associate Professor, Department of Information Science

Dan Cosley does research around human-computer interaction and social media.  His high-level research goal is to build systems that leverage people's pre-existing behavior in digital media to create new individual and social goods.

Cynthia Farina

McRoberts Research Professor in Administration of the Law

Cynthia Farina's scholarship and teaching focuses on administrative law and electronic government, the presidency, and due process and separation of powers.

Susan Fussell

Associate Professor in the Department of Communication and Department of Information Science

Susan Fussell research focuses on interpersonal communication in face-to-face and computer-mediated contexts. Her goals are to enhance our theoretical understanding of the mechanisms involved in conversational discourse and to apply this theory to the design and evaluation of new communications technologies.

Sally Klingel

Director of Labor-Management Programs, Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolultion

Sally Klingel specializes in the design and implementation of collaborative conflict and negotiation processes in public and private sector workplaces, state and local government entities, and not-for-profit organizations.

Gilly Leshed

Senior Lecturer and Director of the MPS Program, Department of Information Science

Gilly Leshed's research and teaching interests are in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), in which she uses quantitative and qualitative studies and technology design to examine how individuals and groups accomplish tasks and socialize and the roles information technology plays in these interactions.

Other Senior Personnel

Mary Newhart, Senior Researcher and Executive Director of CeRI, came to the team from the Scheinman Institute for Conflict Resolution in the ILR School. Her research focuses on the application of traditional group facilitation techniques to the online environment and the use of technology to support asynchronous consensus building.

Brian Post is the Lead Technologist for CeRI. He has developed web-based solutions for a variety of environments including corporate, small business, and start-up. In his current role, he supports CeRI research through enhancement and further development of their custom platforms and applications.

Student Moderators - Spring 2016

The moderators are students in the E-Government Clinic at Cornell Law School. They are trained and closely supervised by senior CeRI researchers with professional facilitation training and experience. The moderators have the same basic roles as a facilitator in a large, in-the-room discussion. They help keep the discussion going in a productive way, assist participants with questions to get accurate answers, encourage group knowledge exchange and collaborative problem solving and, in the rare instances when it is necessary, enforce the site norms of civil and respectfully inclusive dialogue.

Krystal Anderson is a J.D. candidate at Cornell Law School and is the current President of the Cornell Law Students Association. After interning with the city council of West Hollywood for several years, she developed a passion for accountable, available, and active local governance.

Noga Benmor-Piltch is a J.D. Candidate interested in administrative law, public policy, and regulation. She is an editor of the Cornell Law Review and has served on the boards of multiple student-run groups at the Law School.

Andres Castillo is a J.D. candidate for the Class of 2017 at Cornell Law School where he serves as an editor for the Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy. He is pleased to be joining the Department of Transportation Office of Aviation Enforcement for the Summer 2016 term. Andres graduated cum laude (A.B) from Colgate University. His professional interests include infrastructure development, administrative law, and the rulemaking process.

Gyuel C.J. Kim is a J.D candidate in the Class of 2016 and graduated from Cornell University's School of Industrial and Labor Relations. His interests include Administrative Law and Constitutional Law.

Nathan K. Koskella is a J.D. candidate jointly pursuing an LL.M. in International and Comparative Law in the Class of 2016 at Cornell Law School. He is interested in comparative law and the compatibility of political institutions with democratic theory.

Post-Graduate Fellows and Graduate Students

Joshua Brooks is the 2015-16 eGovernment Fellow at Cornell Law School. Prior to this appointment, he received his Juris Doctor from Cornell Law School and worked in the largest global employment and labor law practice. As a J.D. candidate, Joshua served on the Board of Editors for the Cornell Law Review and published in the Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy. His research interests involve the relationship of public-policy incentives to marketing and organizational buying behavior.

Brian McInnis studies team problem solving and group dynamics through doctoral research as part of the Cornell University, Information Science Department. Prior to Cornell, Brian researched issues in K-12 education policy, national security, and predictive policing through work at the RAND Corporation (2009 – 2013).

Elizabeth Murnane is a PhD student in the department of Information Science. She studies how systems can be made more aware of individual users’ abilities, activities, contexts, and social connections.

Joon Park is a PhD student in the department of Computer Science. His research focuses on the use of natural language processing to identify substantiation of claims in online text.

Affiliated Researchers

Cheryl Blake is an affiliated researcher with CeRI and was the 2013-2015 e-Government Fellow at Cornell Law School. Currently, she is an Attorney Advisor with the Administrative Conference of the United States. Prior to joining ACUS, Ms. Blake was a fellow at the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative in New Delhi, India. There, she worked on several research projects on the right to information and criminal justice system reform, including reports covering compliance with requirements for proactive disclosure of arrest data in India and barriers facing female police officers in Bangladesh. Cheryl received her JD cum laude from Cornell Law School in 2013, where she was Managing Editor of the Cornell International Law Journal and associate editor of the Legal Information Institute’s Supreme Court Bulletin.

Dmitry Epstein, Assistant Professor, Department of Communications, University of Illinois at Chicago. Former PostDoc, CeRI.

Josiah Heidt was the 2011-2012 CeRI e-Government Fellow. He served as a Judicial Law Clerk in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia from 2012 to 2014. Josiah is now health care associate with the firm McKenna Long & Aldridge.

Chaebong Nam, Postdoctoral Fellow, Government Department, Harvard University. Former Postdoc, CeRI.

Jackeline Solivan was the 2012-13 CeRI e-Government Fellow at the Cornell Law School. She is currently a staff attorney with Legal Services NYC.

Rebecca Vernon was the 2010-2011 CeRI e-Government Fellow at the Cornell Law School. She is currently a Program Officer, Consultant, and Legal Fellow at the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative.