What's happening here?

  1. What's happening here?

    What's happening here? The people who live and work in NYC have the biggest stake in the City's traffic congestion problems. If you want a voice in finding solutions, you've come to the right place.

In March 2016, Assemblyman Robert J. Rodriguez and 14 co-sponsors introduced the proposed Move NY Fair Plan legislation. The bill is a complex proposal for reducing automobile traffic in key parts of New York City, and providing a reliable new funding stream for public transit improvements and road and bridge maintenance in the larger metropolitan area.

This site, operated by Cornell University researchers, is designed to make it easy for people to learn about what this important bill contains, and the reasons behind it. Individuals concerned about these issues can discuss them with others -- in a forum legislators can consult as the bill moves through the legislative process.

If you want to go deeper into the issues, you can access the NYC Congestion Discussion. Participants in that discussion learned what the experts are thinking and proposing, and contributed their own knowledge, experience and ideas in a wide-ranging that happened from October 2015 to January 2016.

Sponsors of the Bill


    • Michael Benedetto (D. 82)
    • Michael Blake (D. 79)
    • Marcus Crespo (D. 85)
    • Latoya Joyner (D.77)
    • Luis Sepúlveda (D. 87)


    • James Brennan (D. 44)
    • Walter T. Mosley (D.57)
    • Felix Ortiz (D. 51)
    • Jo Anne Simon (D.52)


    • Robert Rodriguez (D68) (primary sponsor)
    • Richard Gottfried (D.75)
    • Guillermo Linares (D.72)
    • Dan Quart (D. 73)
    • Linda Rosenthal (D. 67)


    • Andrew Havesi (D. 28)